Pedro Pablo Peña began his ballet training as a young boy with international acclaimed ballet dancer such as Anna Leontieva, Joaquin Banegas, José Parés and Azary Plisetsky, also studying modern dance with Ramiro Guerra and experimental dance with Luis Trapaga. He danced for Havana’s Opera Ballet, the National Ballet of Cuba, Musical Theater of Havana where he also served as Choreography Director and was founder and director of the First Choreographic Dance Workshop in Havana. Mr. Peña is very proud of his Cuban heritage as he was born, educated and raised in Havana, Cuba. For seven years Mr. Peña was choreographer for Univision’s TV show “Sabado Gigante Internacional” He was selected as choreographer for the Warner Brothers film “The Specialist”. He has been recognized and awarded for his work by ACCA, Fesela Inter-American Chapter of Hadassah and honored by Miami art magazine “Pregones” with the Contradanza Award for his continuous work in the development of dance in Miami.Ballet Concierto Dominicano, National Ballet of Panama, and the Odeon Theater in Vienna, Austria have invited Mr. Peña, to set his choreographic work, “Fusion” in their respective countries.

He is Founder and Director of Creation Art Center (1982), Miami Hispanic Ballet (1993), the International Ballet Festival of Miami, one of the most important Ballet Festivals in the World, and in 2006 he founded the successful Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami of which he is the Artistic Director.Mr. Peña has been honored not only for his lifetime artistic achievements but also for his tireless work of promoting the theater, dance and the preservation of Cuban Heritage in exile for all ages and cultures. On September 26, 2005, Miami-Dade County proclaimed “Pedro Pablo Peña Day” and the City of Miami presented him with the “Key to the City,” and on September 11, 2010 he was presented with the “Key to the City” of Miami Beach, honors bestowed on him for his tireless work promoting theater and dance in the community. Most recently Mr. Peña has been awarded The Tumi USA award 2013 , awarded to notable Peruvian figures and Latin American figures of South Florida.In 2011, Mr. Pena was selected by ABC “Dancing with the stars” program for a "Behind the Scenes" interview about classical ballet, making him the first Hispanic Ballet director to be interviewed for this show.Mr. Peña has been selected to serve on an elite jury for one of the most famous and prestigious dance awards in the world, the "Benois de la Dance" in May 2011 held in Moscow. Since January 2013 Mr. Peña is the General Director of the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center (The White House of Ballet), home of some of the most recognized arts organizations in Miami under his direction: The Miami Hispanic Ballet (MHB), the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM), Creation Art Center (CAC) also introducing the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School (CCBM School) and the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center Music Conservatory.